• Rental of UN 11A/Y approved FLO-BINS
  • Transport of empty FLO-BINS to and from your selected destination
  • Transport of full FLO-BINS to your selected destination
  • Transfer & Storage
  • Custom labeling and color coding requirements
  • FLO-BINS with safe-lock mechanism
  • FLO-BINS with protective coating to provide you with a clean interior

FLO-BIN® rentals can transfer your catalyst or support materials from drums or bags into our safe and reliable FLO-BINS to meet you specific requirements.

We would receive, stage and perform the transfer of the catalyst from your manufacturers packaging into safe and reliable FLO-BINS prior to the required delivery time on your site.

FLO-BIN® rentals can arrange for all shipping and transfer activities necessary and provide QC documents with accurate weight transfer analysis.

The full FLO-BINS will then be delivered and pre-staged, where and when needed at the refinery.





Reusable, Reliable, Green Packaging Solutions - Flo-Bin Rentals