Benefits of Using Flo-Bin Catalyst Bins

  • Faster reactor loading/unloading
  • Bulk packaging system
  • ECO friendly, reusable FLO-BINS
  • Eliminates single trip packaging waste
  • Catalyst can be safely stored outdoors at a reactor site prior to loading
  • Security seals for precious metals catalyst
  • Compliance with worldwide waste regulations
  • Immediate availability 24/7/365
  • Tracking & Monitoring with handheld scanners ensures maximum operational efficiency and accuracy of FLO-BIN management
  • On-Site transport Logistics Services saves you time, resources and worries
  • OSHA studies have shown 55 gallon drums are unsafe. A higher rate of injury occurs on the job when man handling full 55 gallon drum. The use of FLO-BINS reduces this exposure as one FLO-BIN equals 12 drums.
  • Transportation of totally activated, presulphided, spent or fresh catalyst to your refinery or designated processing facility
  • Assisting with shipping documentation and regulatory notifications
  • Over 60 years of industry experience services

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