Parts Department

CCKX / FLO-BIN® rentals has manufactured Flo-Bins for powders, Liqua-Bins for liquids and Follower Bins for viscous materials for over 60 years. We stock the replacement and repair parts necessary to keep these bins in top condition. We have replacement parts available in our four warehouse / terminals on the East Coast, West Coast and (2) Gulf Coast.


We stock several different version of the bottom outlet door gasket; glue-type, rivet-type as well as the current extruded-type gasket in several sizes, including 9″ X 9″ and 9″ X 22″. Other sizes are available upon request. In addition, we can supply slide gates, manway covers, gaskets and lock rings and other repair parts of all kinds (lifting lugs, replace skid and skirt assemblies, etc.)


We stock several sizes and styles of manway covers, gaskets and lock rings, valves and adapter fittings, bung-plugs and pressure vacuum relief devices as well as other repair parts.


We stock replacement flexible follower canvasses, repair parts for level indicators, valves, pin fittings, covers, lock rings, pressure gauges, etc. as well as other repair parts. We now have dry break fittings available.




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