Why use Flo-Bin Rentals to meet your catalyst bin requirements?

To meet your temporary need for catalyst packaging we have a vast inventory of FLO-BINS available for immediate rent. With an infrastructure to assist in quick delivery and return options, FLO-BIN® rentals is dedicated to serve the catalyst change out needs you have.

catalyst-bin-203Rental of our FLO-BINS eliminates the need for capital requirements and offers tremendous flexibility in the varying volume requirements you might have.

In addition to that FLO-BIN® rentals stores these FLO-BINS when not needed and performs quality inspection and repairs to keep the FLO-BINS you need in compliance with regulatory standards at all times.

FLO-BIN® rentals takes great pride in providing the most professional and responsive service available and supplying catalyst containers that are the best maintained in the industry.

We are proud on our track record and able to guarantee top quality service because all of our service centers are operated by our company and all of our service center employees are CCKX / FLO-BIN® rentals staff.

Our dedicated staff follows our Procedure For Reworking FLO-BINS, which has been in place since we began renting catalyst containers.  This procedure is constantly updated by our General Managers to keep our standards high and responsive to requests from our customers.



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