Quality Procedure Overview

All FLO-BINS operated by FLO-BIN® rentals are UN 11A/Y approved for shipment and packaging of hazardous materials in class 4.2. All FLO-BINS manufactured by FLO-BIN® rentals and shipped from any of our facilities are certified in accordance with UN 11A/Y Design Qualification or Requalification Testing. This testing includes vibration test, lifting lug and top lift test, stacking test and drop test given before the FLO-BINS enter the FLO-BIN® rental inventory.


UN 11A/Y FLO-BINS require a comprehensive inspection no less often than once every 2 ½ years. FLO-BIN personnel complete this inspection requirement at each FLO-BIN facility on every FLO-BIN upon return as standard operating procedure to far exceed the UN requirement.

All FLO-BINS are required to be returned in a DOT-accepted empty condition. After every rental return, FLO-BIN® rentals personnel inspect the interior of the FLO-BIN


If residue in any FLO-BIN exceeds the empty FLO-BIN requirement of RCRA Section 261.7(a), the FLO-BIN is returned untouched. If, after initial inspection, a FLO-BIN is deemed Section 261.7(a) empty, it is vibrated and/or scoured with a wire brush and any remaining material is transferred to a drum for immediate disposal at a qualified facility.

After cleaning, FLO-BIN personnel inspect each FLO-BIN carefully for evidence of damage. Any damage found is repaired. Special attention is paid to top and bottom closures and sealing surfaces are carefully inspected and cleaned.

All parts are replaced as needed, including but not limited to, man-way covers, slide gate door gaskets, man-way cover lock rings and slide gate plates on the bottom opening.

Subsequent to any repairs made to the containment area, the repaired FLO-BINS are retested to insure that they continue to conform to the certification standards.

Only then is the FLO-BIN scanned into our database as being “qualified” for shipment. No FLO-BIN is shipped without careful inspection, parts replacement and repair.



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