Technical Support

All FLO-BINS used for Petroleum Refining, Gas Processing and Petrochemical Industries are approved for road, rail and Maritime transport of dangerous goods in class 4.2.

Totally activated, pre-sulphided and spent hydro-treating catalysts are commonly classified as UN 3190, class 4.2 self-heating solids, which in turn, are typically classified under the packaging Group Y or II.



FLO-BINS are UN11 A/Y approved to comply with your packaging needs.

FLO-BIN® Specifications

Volume: 87 cuft *
Length: 52 Inches
Width: 44 Inches
Height: 86 Inches
Material: Carbon steel
Exterior: Coated
Interior: Carbon steel
Top Opening: 18” drum lid style
Bottom: 22”x 9” slide gate
Closure: Dual cam-bar
Lifting: Four way integrated forklift section
Lifting: Two lifting lugs
* We also have 43 cuft FLO-BINS available


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